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Business Name Generator

Use our free business name generator to come up with a unique name for your business. Enter any applicable words, refine your search by location or industry if you want, and receive a list of keywords, business names, and domain names to consider.

Business Idea Generator

Not sure what kind of business you want to start? Use our free interactive tool, choose from a list of interests, and filter by the business idea category (work-from-home, low-cost, etc.). With your information, we'll give you a personalized list of potential business ideas.

Logo Generator

Branding your business is a big decision for any entrepreneur. Luckily, our free logo maker can help you get started! Simply input your business name, answer a few design questions, and receive a unique logo that can help promote your business's vision.

Operating Agreement Tool

This step-by-step tool makes creating an operating agreement for your LLC a breeze. Simply answer a few questions about your company and receive a sample draft to edit as you see fit.

Business Plan Generator

Create a robust business plan to help navigate the early years of your business. Our business plan generator walks you through topics like marketing and financial projections so that your business is prepared to succeed in all areas.

Entrepreneurship Quiz

Are you cut out for starting your own business? Entrepreneurship is no easy feat. There are several key components we look at in order to be confident in your success, and you may find that a partnership or side hustle is more your speed. Take our quiz to find your personalized entrepreneurship diagnosis!

QR Code Generator

Get a free QR Code for your small business using our QR Code Generator tool. We offer 13 different types of QR Codes you can create to use on business cards, posters, websites, publications, and more.

TRUiC Trends

Stock Market Trends

Gain insight and keep up to date with the latest stock market trends using our interactive stock market graphs. We'll do the work so you can focus on making the best decisions.

- Upcoming Earnings Calls

Business Trends

Looking for a competitive edge? Understanding current business trends will set your business up for success. Whether you’re starting a small business or growing your startup, we have the data you need to make the best choices.

- Agriculture Sector Trends

- Finance and Insurance Sector Trends

- Information Sector Trends

- Utilities Industry Sector Trends

- Real Estate Sector Trends

Business Formation

Starting a Business

Ready to start a business? Our comprehensive guides can help you start any kind of business, anywhere in the US. Choose a business structure or read your state's requirements to get started.

- How to Start a Business

- How to Choose a Business Structure

LLC Formation

LLCs are the most popular way to structure your business and can be formed in about five simple steps. Learn more about the LLC business structure or get started on forming an LLC in your state.

- Form an LLC Guide

- What is an LLC?

- LLC Meaning

Corporation Formation

For-profit corporations are a formal business structure that have shareholders and its own board of directors. Learn more about for-profit corporations or learn how to form your own with our state guides.

- What is a Corporation?

- How to Start a Corporation

Nonprofit Formation

A nonprofit or not-for-profit corporation is designed to further a particular social cause and is funded through charitable donations. Learn more about 501(c)(3) nonprofits or learn how to start one in your state with our guides.

- What is a Nonprofit Corporation?

DBA Filing

A DBA (Doing Business As) allows your business to operate under a name that is different from your legal name or your registered business name. Learn more about DBAs or file one for your business in about two steps with one of our state guides.

- How to File a DBA

- What is a DBA?

How To Start An LLC

How To Start An LLC

Starting a business is easy.

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Startup Savants Podcast

Startup Savants Podcast

The Startup Savants podcast features insightful interviews with founders who are currently making waves within their industries. Get an intimate view into launching and growing a startup, building a strategy that wins, and the anatomy of an entrepreneur.

Startup Savant

Startup Savant

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