Achieve - Brain Training


Achieve – Brain Training

Exercise your brain with Achieve, a set of brain games meant to challenge your brain and have fun while learning.

Mini-games that have been proven to build your memory, attention and more include:

  • Bigger or Smaller: Your numerical mental agility is tested in a fun and exciting way. Find which math equation is bigger or smaller. Choose from multiple levels that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Odd One Out: Fun visual perception tests. Choose the image that is different than the rest.
  • Right or Wrong: Problem solving test. Tell whether the mathematical equation is correct.
  • Spell Test: Test your vocabulary and memory. Spell each word correctly.
  • Stroop Test: Cognitive function test, deceptively simple and challenging. Try to decipher between text and colors.
  • Split Brain Scramble: The most challenging game yet. Ever wonder what it would be like to play several games simultaneously? Get ready for the ultimate brain test! Unlock it by playing all the mini games and earning enough stars.

How do you score against your friends? Share your high scores on Facebook, Twitter and check your world rank.

Achieve Brain Training increases cognitive abilities and boosts your IQ.