Hashi - The New Sudoku


Hashi: The New Sudoku

If you like Sudoku you will love Hashi, its an ideal game for your smart device, take two minutes learn the rules and have hours of fun.

It is an exciting puzzle game, which doesn’t require math skills, it involves connecting “islands” of different numbers to one another, either by a single or double bridge, until each island has the correct number of bridges.

Hashi is extremely easy to learn, and fun to play. It’s faster-paced than Sudoku, and helps develop logical deduction skills and reasoning. Great for kids and adults.

This game like Sudoku also originated in Japan, under the name Hashiwokakero. Set to relaxing music this game will be dangerously addictive.

Quick instructions are below, a full tutorial is in the app:

  • Press IN BETWEEN numbers to create bridges.
  • Simple TOUCH interface. No swiping or double clicks.
  • Press ONCE for a single bridge.
  • Press TWICE for a double.
  • Press again to clear.
  • Bridges can be vertical and horizontal only, no diagonal bridges.
  • Bridges cannot cross.
  • The number on the island indicates the number of bridges connected to it.
  • All the islands must be connected to complete the puzzle.