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Real Brain Training Tips

How to Achieve Improved Cognitive Function in 30 days

Brain training has seen a stark rise in popularity in the last 10 years. With the advent of brain games, people seem more receptive to the idea of training their brain because it’s been made into a game. In actuality, this fad has spread a misconception that brain games can greatly increase your brain function.

Brain training games and exercises are very good for improving your ability to play the games and do the exercises. As with any test, repeated test taking improves your ability to perform better and better. And while it’s true that the games may increase your focus and memory while playing – it’s difficult to say what the effects are afterwards.

The following three factors will probably make the biggest impact on improving brain function. The reasoning for each is explained below.

Left or Right: Which Brain Do You Use Most?

Before you read this article, place your hand on your head and cross your legs.

This pose is designed to increase your susceptibility to brainwashing. Well, not really, but it does deal with your brain! It may seem silly or overly simple, but these actions can give tremendous insight into the way you think.

You are probably familiar with the terms “right brain” and “left brain.” The human brain is divided into two equal halves (right and left) that have specialized functions and unique influences on our thought processes, personality traits, behavioral tendencies, and physical movements. Both sides are active and working together at all times, but they divvy up their chores.

Memorization is Dead, Learn through Connections

We all know how frustrating it is to forget something we’ve learned, whether we’re trying to recall it for an exam, a conversation or for ourselves. Our brains are estimated to hold between 10 and 100 terabytes of information! So what causes us to forget certain memories and facts? Have we figured out how to retrieve them?